02:42 PM - Jun 19, 2018
Is CBB in the hot seat?

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Is CBB in the hot seat?
11:18 PM - May 15, 2017

So the real question here is how long can Arkansas Football be Below Average As Hell under Bret Bielema who we remind everyone is making $4 Million Dollars Plus a year to win football games for the Razorbacks?

Consider this little factoid which is another example about how…

Athletic Directors are the easiest Damn folks in America to roll

…if fired before 2018 Bret Bielema’s buyout of his Arkansas contract is…

$15.4 Million Dollars!

There might be ONE…maybe TWO Morons in America that would give a contract like that to a coach that was not a sitting Athletic Director and no doubt Bret Bielema’s agent is right now having a good laugh at the contract he got from Arkansas AD Jeff Long for Bielema which in our opinion is borderline a criminal act against Arkansas football fans which pay ALL the bills in Fayetteville!

His record is terrible, but he was left with nothing to build with when he got here.  Remember our starting QB was a TE?

I don't see us ever beating Alabama, but I think CBB needs to start playing more consistently.  Beating Florida and then losing to Mizzou is unacceptable.  He has to beat A&M.  That defense has to show up.

What kinda caddy? It makes a difference. I wanna go out in style. Not drunk as s***, dead on the kitchen floor with my pants around my ankles with a tub of KY in one hand and a dildo in the other.

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