05:28 AM - Feb 22, 2019
SEC tourney Ole Miss game

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SEC tourney Ole Miss game
10:25 PM - Mar 10, 2017
Arkansas 73 ole Miss 72 Sweated that one the last 4 minutes

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Re: SEC tourney Ole Miss game
Reply #1 → 10:30 PM - Mar 10, 2017
Team can't run away with one when I'm watching, gotta take it to the wire. Sorry fellas, it's my fault.

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Re: SEC tourney Ole Miss game
Reply #2 → 01:29 AM - Mar 11, 2017
Shocked the refs weren't calling as many fouls for the hogs as they were Ole Miss in that final 5 minutes.

Games from here on out this weekend will be about time management for players and deciding when to push the game and when not to.  That second half you could just see the legs give out on players.  Heck, my brother is a West Virginia fan, whose team plays a full court press and runs a two deep rotation, they were so tired in their third game in a row  WVU only scored 16 points in the first half.  Luckily Kansas State only scored 25.  Game end WVU winning by one.

Hogs need to keep their legs under them Saturday if we want to beat Vanderbilt.

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Re: SEC tourney Ole Miss game
Reply #3 → 06:45 AM - Mar 11, 2017
I didn't get to watch, hotel don't have sec channel

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