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RAZORBACK & College FOOTBALL ONLY / Re: Arkansas vs Texas A&M Game Thread
« Last post by whisker on Yesterday at 07:46 AM »
Give me twenty bucks and I'll take 'em.....


I feel like I would be ripping you off.
**** Jennifer instead of bret this time

Who's Jennifer?  His goat?

**** Jennifer instead of bret this time
I may need some help here....can anybody assist me in squeezin' Beeleema into one o' these cells?

Damn I just need to put mine on there for free, still haven't sold them.

Give me twenty bucks and I'll take 'em.....

And he keeps talking about how well the Hogs looked in practice last week.....Hellfire, THEY'RE PRACTICING AGAINST THE HOGS!!!

This theory of finding diamonds in the rough and coaching them up isnít working in year two.

This is true at every position. He keeps wanting to build up his walk on program and brag about finding guys not too many people wanted and turning them into all stars.
That's fine for a handful of players per team. But you can't have half the team built that way or you get what we have now.
RAZORBACK & College FOOTBALL ONLY / AR Fight: Recruiting lead to Oline troubles
« Last post by Murr on 10:11 AM - Sep 18, 2017 »

Arkansasí best offensive line was that famous 2015 group. That group was Dan Skipper, Frank Ragnow, Mitch Smothers, Sebastian Tretola, and Denver Kirkland. Bret Bielema, and then offensive line coach Sam Pittman did everything right to bring together that group. Four of the five were brought in by the current staff too. Kirkland and Skipper came in Bielemaís first class in 2013. Ragnow and Tretola were part of the 2014 class, and Smothers was a member of the 2011 class.

Out of those five, you had some highly sought after talent, most notably they were able to pull Kirkland away from south Florida even though he had offers from Miami and Florida State. Three of them (Kirkland, Ragnow, Smothers) were all 4-star recruits. Tretola was a JUCO standout, and Skipper was a three star that picked the Hogs over Tennessee, Ole Miss, Michigan, and Ohio State.

Letís fast forward for a second to this yearís starting five. You have Ragnow, a 3 star commit, a converted defensive tackle, and two who initially walked onto the team.

Notice the difference?

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